James H. Thomas, City Assessor

James H. Thomas, City Assessor

Kate Kern

300 Main St.
Saco, Maine 04072

The Assessor's Department
"Circuitbreaker" program repealed
The Maine Residents Property Tax and Rent Refund "Circuitbreaker" program has been replaced by a refundable property tax fairness credit. For more information, follow the link above.

Senior Tax Relief Program
Saco senior citizens can work of part of their property tax bill. For more information, follow this link

Digital Valuation Book
You may purchase a digital version of the Assessor's Valuation Book (in pdf form). The cost is $150.

To request the file, please download and print the order form and mail it, with your payment, to:
Office of Assessor
Saco City Hall
300 Main St.
Saco, Maine 04072

City of Saco's SOP for Private Roads/Street Numbering Ordinance
We have placed the city ordinance regarding building numbers online. You may see it by downloading City of Saco's SOP for Private Roads/Street Numbering Ordinance.

Property sales report For a list of recent real estate property sales in the City of Saco you may download the appropriate file listed below.
December, 2014

Previous years
You may find sales reports for previous years on this page.

You can also search for prior sales information using our Vision Appraisal System.

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You can now research property lots through the city's Geographic Information System (GIS) maps. Just follow this link. Note: This will take you off the City of Saco website.

Several departments have Facebook pages in addition to their presence on this site. You can follow the links below: