Southern Maine Regional Planning Commission (SMRPC)

MEMBERS (2011)
Marston Lovell
Peter Morelli
The purpose of SMRPC is to strengthen local municipal self-government while combining total resources for meeting regional challenges beyond individual capacities; to serve as a mutual forum to identify, study, and bring into focus regional challenges and opportunities; provide organizational support to enable communication and coordination among governments and agencies concerned with regional issues and opportunities; to act as an advocate where membership directs; and to exercise such powers as the member municipalities may delegate. Eligibility for membership in SMRPC is open to any municipality or county in the geographic area known as the Southern Maine Planning and Development District as described by Maine Gubernatorial Executive Order. The Board of municipal officers of each member municipality of SMRPC is eligible to appoint two (2) representatives to the SMRPC General Assembly. Any municipality with a population over 10,000 may appoint one additional representative for every 10,000 citizens. (1) Councilor or Selectmen, and (1) staff member.

The Assembly meets in June for an evening, after a meal. They usually meet in Alfred or Wells.

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