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Coastal View Of Saco Located on Maine's southern coast, the city of Saco hosts thousands of summer visitors each year. There are miles of magnificent sandy beach at Ferry Beach State Park in Saco, and just to the north, at Old Orchard Beach. Sail boarding, surfing, surf casting, and swimming are enjoyed at the beaches. There is ample public parking and bath facilities available.

Boating and canoeing opportunities are available on both the Saco River and the Atlantic Ocean. Boat launches are also available at Camp Ellis, Riverfront Park, and Diamond Riverside Park.

Saco River From Downtown

The Saco River draws canoeists from hundreds of miles away. The river has exceptionally pure water and fishing on the river is excellent. A major salmon restoration initiative is under way, with fish ladders and elevators being built to permit the fish to pass by several dams. The Saco River provides drinking water for the two cities. Water quality is protected by the Saco River Corridor Commission.

While you're in Saco you may wish to consider visiting these attractions:

- Saco Museum,
founded 1866, outstanding collection of fine and decorative arts and regional history exhibits, Main St., Open Tues.-Fri. 12-4, Thurs. 12-8, Sun. 12-4.

- Dyer Library,
founded 1881, public library, Reed Children's Room, Maine History and Genealogy Collection, Main St. Open Tues.-Fri. 10-5, Thurs. 10-8, Sat. 10-1.

-Ferry Beach State Park,
sandy ocean swimming, trail, picnicking, off Bay View Road, off Ferry Road (Rte. 9);

-Camp Ellis,
scenic fishing port, breakwater, beach, seafood, Ferry Road (Rte. 9);

- Thornton Academy,
established 1811, Victorian era educational campus, Route 1.

-Laurel Hill Cemetery,
Beach St., beautiful Victorian garden cemetery overlooking the Saco River.

-Saco's Route 1 corridor
home to Funtown, Splashtown, and Aquaboggan Water Park, three amusement parks that draw from a three state region. There are numerous smaller amusements, as well as motels and campgrounds in the Route 1 corridor.

-The Saco River,
boat ramps at Camp Ellis Pier, on Front Street at Riverfront Park, and on Irving Street, at Diamond Riverside Park.

-The Saco Heath,
an ancient raised, coalesced peat bog with rare botanical species. Much of the Heath is protected for future generations as a result of the efforts of the Nature Conservancy, which maintains a public walking trail and interpretive area off Route 112.


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