Congratulations to our current 25-year employees!

The City of Saco would like to extend its congratulations to the following employees who are celebrating a quarter century of service with the city.

Steve Harding - 25th year as a City of Saco employee Steve began his career as a dispatcher in 1988 in Old Orchard Beach, he then moved to Saco as a full time dispatcher. Steve was also a call firefighter for a number of years. He provides his fire experience to the process of dispatch, a unique qualification. As well, he has been instrumental in administrative changes to dispatch procedures. Thank you Steve for 25 years of dedicated service to the citizens of Saco and the Saco Police and Fire Departments.

John Boucher - Mechanic I, Saco Water Resource Recovery Division
John Boucher started with the city as park technician on June 29, 1987. A few years later, he moved over to the Public Works Department as a laborer. Through his hard work and dedication, he quickly moved through the ranks to secure the position of sewer foreman before he ultimately found his true calling over at the Water Resource Recovery Division. John currently serves as mechanic 1 at the plant and is providing an exceptional value to the city.

Steven Garrison, City of Saco Patrol Officer
Patrol Officer Steve Garrison proudly serves the Saco Police Department and has since August 24, 1987. He is distinguished as an incredibly hard working officer and is deeply committed to keeping Saco's streets safe. Many times over his 25 years, he has shown good judgment and initiative; as evidenced by his personnel folder that includes letters of thanks from grateful citizens he has helped. The city and the department are grateful and fortunate to have someone of Steve's caliber working for us.

Tom Moulton, Truck Driver, Saco Public Works
Tom joined the Public Works staff on October 5, 1987 as a truck driver and is one of the most dependable and cooperative member of our staff. Many residents will recognize Tom as their snow-plow-driver and the "go-to" person in the Camp Ellis area for many years.

John Cote, Light Equipment Operator for Saco Public Works
John started with the City of Saco Public Works Department on October 13, 1987 and is one of our light equipment operators. He is one of our most dependable and skilled employees and cooperative member our public works staff. John also serves as a volunteer call firefighter for the City.


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