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Arts Commission

What is the Arts Commission?
The purpose of this commission is to bring together members of the community, City Councilors, and staff to improve the aesthetic quality of the City’s public spaces. The commission will encourage and support art in our community while strengthening economic development and improving quality of life. The commission will act as an advisory body to the City Council and City staff to provide expertise on visual arts to enrich the cultural life of the community.

Stefa Normantas, Vice-Chair
Laura Brandstetter, Recorder
Raymond Lund
Kerry Peiser

Kathleen Pierce
Cathy Stackpole
Jodi Thomas, Thornton Academy Liaison
Councilor Joe Gunn, City Council Liaison
Amelia Meier, Saco Main Street Liaison
Jessa Berna, Staff Liaison

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Artist Directory 
Click here to view the artist directory. 
Click here to view the artist registrant form.