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Energy and Sustainability Committee

The Energy and Sustainability Committee's goal is to educate and encourage the City of Saco to effectively and efficiently conserve and manage environmental, human, energy and economic resources (the natural, built, and social environments) to accomplish today's initiatives and sustain Saco's vitality and livability into the future. Our Committee exists to create a more energy efficient and sustainable community. We consider the long-term impact of our recommendations, and we are always grateful to have input from our residents and people who would like to get involved. Our monthly meetings are open to all.

We meet the first Tuesday of the month at 8:30 a.m., generally in the City Hall Conference Room (First Floor). 

Next Energy Committee - September 7, 2021 at 8:30 AM 

Energy Committee Agendas and Minutes

City-Wide Projects

Howard Carter, Water Resource Recovery Department - Chair 
Jackie McDonough, Water Resource Recovery Department - Secretary 
Patrick Fox, Public Works Department
Glenys Salas, Finance Department
Ryan Sommer, Parks & Recreation Department
Don Roth, Facilities Division of Public Works Department
Emily Cole-Prescott, Water Resource Recovery Department
Ted Gagnon, Police Department
Robert Martin, Fire Department
Mike Garrity, School Department
Andrew Dickinson, Communications Department
Jessa Berna, Planning & Development Department
Andrew Goldberg
Mike Cook
Rick Milliard
Glen Baker
Nathan Johnston - Ward 7 City Councilor
Jodi MacPhail - Ward 6 City Councilor (Council Liaison) 

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