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Historic sites and districts

National Register of Historic Places
The National Register of Historic Places is the official list of the national's cultural resources worthy of preservation. The National Park Service, a part of the Department of the Interior, administers the program. Properties listed on the National Register include districts, sites, buildings, structures, and objects that are significant in American history, architecture, archeology, engineering, and culture. Among other benefits, inclusion on the list makes a site eligible for federal tax benefits, consideration in the planning of federal or federally assisted projects, and qualification for federal assistance for historic preservation when funds are available.

As of March 2013, Saco has eight sites and two districts included on the National Register. They are:

National Historic Sites
  1. Thacher-Goodale House, 121 North St.
  2. A.B. Seavey House, 90 Temple St.
  3. Saco City Hall, 300 Main St.
  4. J.G. Deering House, 371 Main St.
  5. Jacobs Houses and Store, 11-17 Elm St.
  6. Old Saco High School, 34 Spring St.
  7. Grant Family House, 72 Grant Rd.
  8. Way-Way General Store, 93 Buxton Rd.
National Historic Districts
  1. Saco Historic District (Discussed in following section)
  2. Biddeford-Saco Mills Historic District
Historic Main Street Walking Tour
The Main Street Walking Tour features several historic buildings and sites along a 1/2 mile section of Main Street, Saco. The tour spans the area from the Dyer Library to Saco Island. The tour was prepared for the City of Saco by Thomas Hardiman, former curator of the Saco Museum, and includes markers at specific locations that inform walkers of specific historic events. 

Tour stops include:
  1. James Fenderson House, 1914
  2. Solomon Coit House, c. 1785
  3. York Institute Museum (Saco Museum), 1926
  4. Elizabeth and Henry B.C. Green House, 1827
  5. Joseph G. Deering House, 1869
  6. Jonas C. Tibbets House, 1860
  7. First Parish Congregational Church, 1862, burned 2000, rebuilt 2005
  8. York Manufacturing Company Agentʹs House, 1889
  9. Emma Hall House, 1892
  10. Thornton Hall, 1801
  11. Dr. Jeremiah Mason House, 1856
  12. James Curtis House, 1827
  13. Daniel Page House, c. 1800
  14. Old Dyer Library, 1893
  15. Saco City Hall, 1855
  16. Mutual Theatre, 1927
  17. Cyrus King House, 1807
  18. Masonic Block, 1907
  19. Tristram Hooper Store, 1824
  20. Saco House, 1837
  21. Central Hall Block, 1828
  22. William Pike Block, 1869
  23. York National Bank, 1896
  24. Pepperell Square
  25. William Deering Block, 1894
  26. Berry Block, 1869
  27. Saco Island and Biddeford/Saco Mill District

You may download a PDF map showing the locations of these buildings

Saco Museum Walk
Another public history project, the Saco Museum Main Street Walk, presents colorful historic interpretive panels along Main Street from the Amtrak Station to the Museum.

The museum and the City are now working on a third heritage tourism/public history project, which will present 3D photos of Saco near the post office.


Kelley Archer, HPC Chairwoman 

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Saco City Planner
300 Main Street
Saco, Maine 04072