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Intercultural Competency and Awareness Ad Hoc Committee


The purpose of this ad hoc committee is to bring together members of the community, Councilors, and staff to address inequality and bias issues in our community.

The Intercultural Competency and Awareness Committee shall be composed of up to 21 members, to be appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council.  Each Commission member shall be a resident of the city, or a City staff member, shall be persons qualified to perform the duties of such office, and shall serve without compensation. 

The committee, appointed by the Mayor, may consist of:

  • 10 Residents (1 from each ward & 3 at large for three-year terms)
  • 5 Current City Committee Members (1 from each: Historical Preservation Commission, Age Friendly, Planning Board, Conservation Commission and School Board
  • 5 Staff Members
  • 1 Council Liaison 
Councilor Marshall Archer
DeAngelo Alston

Bre Kidman
Carrie Lamothe
Majlinda Mulla-Everett
Ryan Prescott
Melanie Serrano

Interested in joining the committee? Click here to apply today.