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Planning Board

The Planning Board reviews applications and proposals for major development, including site plans and subdivisions to ensure compliance with the zoning ordinance and subdivision regulations; and serves a key role in implementing and ensuring these projects are consistent with the City of Saco's Comprehensive Plan. In addition, the Planning Board makes recommendations for Zoning Ordinance amendments as needed.

Planning & Development Review Process
The Planning & Development Review Process includes an initial contact with Saco's City Planner who will determine the level of review necessary for your project. Some projects or developments will require only staff review from the Planning Development Review Committee and approval by the City Planner, while some projects will require review by the Planning Board. Those projects will be reviewed first by the PDRC, then sent to the Planning Board for review and approval. The Planning Board ensures that zoning, infrastructure, traffic, environmental, and additional considerations are evaluated, along with ensuring consistency with the Comprehensive Plan.

Planning Board Meetings
The Planning Board typically meets on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 6PM. To view upcoming meeting agendas, click the link below.

Meeting Agendas, Materials, & Minutes
Click here to view upcoming agendas, meeting materials, and minutes of previous meetings.
Click here to view archived meeting minutes from meetings prior to 2019.
Click here to listen to audio recordings of meetings.

Planning Board Members
Alyssa Bouthot, Chair
Matthew Provencal, Vice Chair
Joyce Leary Clark
Jennifer Day
Matthew DiCianni
Jeffrey Grossman
Jodi MacPhail, Council Liaison 

Please note: if you intend to communicate with members regarding a current matter being considered by the Planning Board please be advised of this limitation: Ex parte communications are a particular concern because they involve an opportunity for one party to influence a decision maker outside the presence of other parties and off the record, violating due process requirements.

Additional Information
For additional information regarding the application process, please call the Planning &  Economic Development Department at 207-282-3487.