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Shoreline Commission

Shoreline Commission 

Shoreline Commission is created by City Code and consists of nine members, appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by Council. A council appointed liaison serves on the shoreline commission with no privilege beyond a member of the public. The Commission shall study the continuing effects of erosion on Saco's shorefront, and evaluate public usage of the beaches and other public infrastructure within a coastal zone under the jurisdiction of the City of Saco and advise the Council on policy matters relating to coastal erosion and use.

The Commission meets 9 to 10 times per year, usually at the Ferry Beach Association.

Camp Ellis, Section 111 Project 
The City of Saco, elected officials, and concerned citizens from across the community have worked for decades to resolve the challenges created by the Army Corps of Engineers’ structure known as the Camp Ellis Jetty.  Information about the Section 111 Project can be found on our website at 

Sediment Sampling and Testing In Support Of Dredged Material Suitability Determination
Biddeford and Saco Request to Army Corps of Engineers for Maintenance Dredging

Meeting Agendas and Minutes
Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Upcoming digital meeting participation information
Saco Shoreline Commission Meeting - May 12, 2021, 7 PM
Webinar ID: 833 5265 3775
Webinar link:
Dial-in number: +1 646 558 8656
Passcode:  124153

Chair - Richard Milliard
Vice Chair - David Plavin
Secretary - Perian Carpenter
Kevin Roche
Mark Sladen
Samantha Herlihy
Craig Wood
John Wigginton
Michael Burman - Council Liaison