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Welcome to Saco

Welcome to Saco, a city that is “friendly by nature.” Here you’ll find beautiful beaches, a picturesque downtown, friendly neighbors, and much more.

The City of Saco is located at the mouth of the Saco River in southern Maine along the Atlantic Ocean, less than 20 minutes south of the Greater Portland Area, and less than two hours north of Boston, Massachusetts.  Home to a growing population of 19k+ residents, a revitalized and repurposed mill district, world-class education system, a picturesque downtown, a thriving economy, and many recreational opportunities, including fishing, hiking, biking, and kayaking, the City of Saco has plenty to offer residents, visitors, and businesses alike.  

With easy transportation via Interstate 95, U.S. Route 1, and as a destination stop along the Amtrak Downeaster, Saco’s residents, visitors, and labor force have easy access to and from the city.  Comprised of 39 square miles, with farmland and areas of resource protection to the west, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east -- and a picturesque and historic Main Street at its center -- Saco boasts a diverse landscape that has something to offer everyone.

According to the 2012-2016 American Community Survey 5-year estimate, Saco has a population of 19,008 and growing, with a seasonal influx of 2,500 people. The median household income in Saco is $52,611, while the per capita income is $28,831. Like many other Maine communities, Saco’s once booming textile mill district is being repurposed into a combination of commercial, mercantile, and residential units.  While Saco has experienced both industrial and commercial growth, residential growth has outpaced the others by far.

With two schools serving grades K-2 (Fairfield and Young), one school serving grades 3-5 (CK Burns), one school serving grades 6-8 (Saco Middle School), and one prestigious private school (Thornton Academy) serving grades 9-12, the City of Saco offers students of all ages one of the best educations in the State of Maine.

Incorporated as a municipal government and a non-profit organization, the City of Saco operates with a Mayor-Council-Manager form of government. The Mayor and seven (7) City Councilors are elected for two-year terms. The Mayor and City Council appoint the City Administrator, who manages thirteen (13) distinct operational departments.