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Bond Question 3

Bond Question #3

Question 3. Shall the Order of the City Council of the City of Saco entitled “Order Authorizing the City of Saco to borrow an amount not to exceed $2,500,000 for Route One sewer extension and sidewalk, pedestrian and traffic signal improvements” be ratified and approved? 

Route One Sidewalk Construction and Pedestrian Safety Improvements   $500,000

Saco’s Route 1 (Portland Road) corridor lacks proper sidewalks and crosswalks in the vicinity of Spring Hill Road. There are several businesses in the area that attract a high number of pedestrian visitors including: an amusement park, a movie theatre, a campground, and a restaurant.  This bond would provide funds to construct sidewalks and crosswalks along a portion of Route 1. These projects will improve the public safety of all, but especially for those pedestrians who are walking along or crossing Route 1 in this area.

Route One Sewer Extension to Incentivize Commercial Development        $2,000,000

This bond would fund the extension of the sewer collection system from Flag Pond Road to the Scarborough town line.  The lack of public sewer along this portion of Route 1 limits business investment and development in the area and the related expansion of the City’s commercial tax base. This section of Route 1 is not currently serviced by a public sewer system, consequently limiting commercial growth in the area.