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Bond Question 1


Bond Question #1

Question 1. “Order Authorizing the City of Saco to borrow an amount not to exceed $2,000,000 for City facilities, including the Ocean Park Road drainage system, the Police Station roof, the City Hall and Parks and Recreation facility HVAC systems, the Middle School baseball field, the Foss Road recreation site, Lincoln Street reconstruction and Camp Ellis erosion protection” 

Ocean Park Road Area Drainage System Replacement                              $295,000

Ocean Park Road and the surrounding neighborhood currently have an undersized, aging drainage system that currently diverts water-flow through the streets and yards of the residential side streets during major rain events.  This project will upsize the existing piping and redirect flow from the smaller side street drainage systems, thereby reducing flooding risks for many homes.  *The City needs to complete this project prior to the State’s scheduled paving on Ocean Park Road in 2020.  

Police Station Roof Replacement                                                                  $120,000

The Police Station, originally constructed in 1996 is in need of a roof replacement.  This project will follow the recent HVAC system upgrades and energy efficiency improvements to the building, providing an efficient, sound facility for Police Operations for many years to come.

City Hall and Parks & Recreation Facility HVAC Systems                          $140,000

Two of the oldest City owned buildings, City Hall and the Parks & Recreation Facility, have been identified as requiring HVAC system replacements or upgrades to improve energy efficiency and provide a safe, comfortable, year-round work and event space. 

Saco Middle School Baseball Field                                                               $120,000

Currently, the Saco Middle School complex does not have a full-size baseball field.  The only City 90 foot baseball field exists at Burns School, yet that field serves as a multi-use space for several sports.  An expansion of the existing Middle School field space would eliminate current scheduling conflicts, reduce transportation costs, and open up much needed field space at both the C.K. Burns School and Saco Middle School. 

Foss Road Recreational Site Improvements                                                 $125,000

With the expanded use of the Foss Road recreation complex over the past 5 to 10 years, little has been done to accommodate increasing parking and bathroom facility needs.  With the recent relocation of the Transfer Station, there is now space available to adequately address these needs.  This project would provide funds to pave parking areas, enhance site lighting, provide running water, and a year-round restroom facility building.  

Lincoln Street Utility, Sidewalk, and Roadway Reconstruction                   $950,000

Lincoln Street is traveled by over 6,000 vehicles daily. The street is in need of major rehabilitation of subsurface utilities, roadway, curbing, and pedestrian safety improvements.  Due to the level of deterioration of all of these components, performing a full road reconstruction is the most economical long term solution to maintain this busy commuting corridor.  This bond will provide funds to complete this work.

Camp Ellis Area Coastal Erosion Protection                                                $250,000

The City is in need of performing its next stop-gap measure to mitigate the effects of coastal erosion in the Camp Ellis area.  The City was recently granted permission to install more permanent erosion protection measures in the area of Surf Street that will protect utilities, roads, public infrastructure, and homes, while reducing our annual maintenance costs following large storm events. The bond will provide funds to complete this work.