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Bond Question 2


Bond Question #2

Question 2. “Order Authorizing the City of Saco to borrow an amount not to exceed $7,250,000 for construction and equipping of a new public works facility on Industrial Park Road and to sell the existing public works facility on North Street and to expend such sale proceeds on such new public works facility”

New Public Works Facility and Private Redevelopment of Existing Site     $7,250,000

The existing Public Works facility on North Street was originally constructed as a truck depot in 1973.  In 1985, the City relocated Public Works into the building, but by the late 1990’s the facility was found to be deficient in keeping up with the growth of the community; including the expanding City services and changes to the citywide fleet of busses, emergency vehicles, and maintenance equipment.  After nearly two decades of delaying major rehabilitation or new construction, the current facility would require up to $4 Million worth of improvements over the next 5 years to try and adapt and maintain the current facility for the short-term. Some of the required improvements include: electrical system upgrades, reconfiguration and expansion of existing mechanic garage space, necessary ADA compliance, installation of life safety improvements, replacement of existing fuel tanks and system, and the reconfiguration of bus circulation and storage space.

The bond question of $7.25 Million is being considered as a more cost effective long-term solution to construct an adequate facility in the Industrial Park that will also give the City the opportunity to promote commercial redevelopment of the existing parcel along the Turnpike gateway to Saco. Due to the number of improvements that would be required to renovate the existing facility, the relocation and construction of a new facility would be more cost effective.