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Camp Ellis - Section 111

CAMP ELLIS - Section 111
Camp Ellis - 1908 parcel overlay (002)

The City of Saco, elected officials, and concerned citizens from across the community have worked for decades to resolve the challenges created by the Army Corps of Engineers’ structure known as the Camp Ellis Jetty.  In early summer 2017, an updated report by the regional office of the Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) was presented to the City with a price tag of $67 million dollars.  This revised amount, well above the $26.9 million previously allotted from prior Congressional efforts, would not be accepted by the Head Quarters of the ACOE as it exceeds what Congress had originally authorized.

Since that time, the City has worked closely with our federal delegates to apply pressure on the Army Corps of Engineers and in July of 2018, the regional ACOE office shared a revised project that meets the authorized amount.

The ACOE executive summary report from July 2018, would construct a 750 foot jetty spur with reinforcement to sections of the main north jetty, and beachfill of about 225,000 cubic yards of sand and most importantly recommends the additional  beach renourishments but does not require them. This allows the project to meet the authorized funding of $26.9 million.

The city still has concerns with the legal risks associated with the proposed solution and expressed those concerns in a letter to the ACOE in September 2018

We will update our website and send out an email to the Camp Ellis & Ferry Beach notification list with a save the date for this meeting. 

Please visit our website to sign-up for notifications or to read more about the history of the Section 111 project and erosion studies. 

Community Meetings 

The Saco Bay Erosion Working Group hosted a community meeting on February 5, 2019 to discuss the different options moving forward. You can view the City Administrator's PowerPoint presentation here

The City hosted a meeting on Wednesday, May 23rd at 6:00 PM for residents and elected officials to learn about where this project stands and what our next steps are. View the presentation here

A Camp Ellis Community Meeting and Saco River Dredge update was held at Saco City Hall on June 15, 2017. View the presentation here

City Administration hosted a community meeting on Tuesday, October 25th, 2016 to bring residents up to date on the Army Corp of Engineers Feasibility Study or District Quality Control (DQC) report.  The presentation walked through the basics of the proposed Section 111 Shore Damage Mitigation project.

Section 111 Shore Damage Mitigation project

The project is currently under Agency Technical Review (ATR), and upon completion, the DQC will be sent to ACOE Headquarters (December timeframe).  Once the report is sent to headquarters, the City of Saco will start its campaign for approval.  This will involve residents sending letters to our federal representatives and the ACOE District office.  

Several documents related to this topic can be found in the Reports section of the City Administration Page.  In addition, there are reports and documents that can accessed through various other websites, such as: 

The Internet archive: Camp Ellis Beach, Saco Bay, Maine Model Study of Beach Erosion (Coastal Model Investigation) August 1995

The Army Corps Website

Maine Policy Review

For Additional Information and Environmental Assessments on Camp Ellis, visit the Saco River and Camp Ellis Document Archives


Final Draft Report: Saco River and Camp Ellis Beach Section 111 Project (PDF file, 13.1MB)

A presentation of the findings of the Saco River & Camp Ellis Beach Shore Damage Mitigation Project to the Saco Bay Implementation Team on February 22, 2006 by COL Curtis L. Thalken, Commander and District Engineer, US Army corps of Engineers, New England District. View the presentation.

Draft Feasibility Study and Environmental Assessment
This examines alternatives to prevent and mitigate for erosion along Camp Ellis Beach resulting from the Saco River Federal navigation project.
April, 2013

Saco River and Camp Ellis Shoreline Damage Mitigation, January 23, 2013 PDF, 11MB

A Fiscal Impact Analysis of the Saco River & Camp Ellis Beach Shore Damage Mitigation Project PDF, 4.7MB

Funding options Below are links to information on various methods of funding future mitigation activities as required by the Project Cooperation Agreement.
Title 30A Chapter 205 Community Development PDF, 908K
Title 30A Chapter 206 Municipal Capital Improvement Districts PDF, 1.2MB

Saco River and Camp Ellis Beach Section 111 Project
Final Draft Report PDF, 18.9MB

Appendix A-3 PDF, 3.9MB
Appendix A-6 PDF, 1.6MB
Appendix A-8 PDF, 8.7MB
Appendix A-9 PDF, 1MB
Appendix A-11 PDF, 2.2MB
Appendix A-13 PDF, 800KB
Appendix B-6 PDF, 1MB
Appendix B-9 PDF, 2MB
Appendix B-3-2 PDF, 72KB
Appendix B-3-1 PDF, 92KB
Appendix B-11 PDF, 3MB
Appendix B-13 PDF, 1MB
Appendix C-11 PDF, 156KB
Appendix C-13 PDF, 444KB

Related files
Saco Bay Regional Beach Management Plan, 2000 PDF, 6.8MB
Past shoreline positions PDF, 520KB
Project Cooperation Agreement PDF, 912KB
River Committee Interlocal Agreement PDF, 348KB
Saco River and Camp Ellis Beach Shore Mitigation Project (PDF file, 2.9MB)