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City Administration

Bryan Kaenrath, City Administrator 
Torie Gorman, Executive Assistant 
 (207) 282-4191

Bryan Kaenrath, appointed as Saco City Administrator in November 2019, took office on January 1, 2020. He serves as the City’s Chief Administrative Officer and is responsible for all daily operations, the appointment of all department heads, and proposing the City’s annual budget. He has a keen focus on workforce development, promoting transparent and accessible government, and creating streamlined and efficient services to better assist the public. He also has a strong commitment to developing and improving our Main Street and downtown district as well as working with business owners to continue growing our local economy.

Prior to his time with the City of Saco, Bryan served as Town Administrator in North Hampton, NH and Town Manager in Gouldsboro, ME. Following his graduation from the University of Maine, he began his career in public service at the age of 22 serving four terms in the Maine House of Representatives.


Have a question for Bryan? 
You can join him at his monthly office hours or call Administration to schedule an appointment at (207)282-4191 or by emailing Torie Gorman, Executive Assistant


Each month, the City Administrator provides a report to the City Council regarding city projects, programs, and initiatives.

View city policies adopted by the City Council. 

View information about current transportation projects, city initiatives, and other important projects occurring in the city. 

View reports related to a variety of projects, performance reports, and surveys.