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1-4-21  Human Resources Update, Ambulance Billing Services, Charter Amendments, Next CA Open Office Hours, City Hall Schedule

12-14-20  Policy Reviews & Proposals, City Administrator's Open Office Hours Update, Senior Meal Program, Charter Amendments, Wage Analysis RFP, City Hall Schedule, 

12-7-20  Policy Reviews & Proposals, City Administrator Open Office Hours Update, Charter Amendments, Wage Analysis RFP

11-30-20  Senior Meals Program, Wage Analysis RFP, Saco Island Multimodal Bridge, Property Transfers, City Administrator's Open Office Hours

11-16-20  Senior Meals Program, Sand Buckets for Seniors, Farmers to Families Food Distribution, Property Transfers, City Administrator's Open Office Hours

11-9-20  Election Update, Senior Meals Program, Policy Updates, River Walk Trail Updates, City Hall Auditorium Audio Upgrades, 

11-2-20  Property Transfers, Elections, Senior Meals Program

10-26-20  Property Transfers, Elections, Senior Meals Program, New Playground, City Administrator Open Office Hours, BSOOB Transit Open House

10-19-20  Chapter 81 Reviews, Elections, City Administrator Open Office Hours, City Hall Clock Tower, 

10-5-20  Personnel Updates, Property Transfers, Elections, City Administrator Open Office Hours, Comprehensive Plan, 

9-21-20  Personnel Updates, Public Works Facility, Elections, City Administrator Open Office Hours, Dyer Library Board of Trustees

9-14-20  Building/Codes Department, Public Works Facility, RFP Announcement - Medical Billing Provider, Elections, City Administrator Open Office Hours

  Keep ME Healthy Program Award, Signage, Elections, RFP Saco Island Multimodal Bridge Concept Plan, Annual Report Update

  Senior Programs and Assistance, City COVID-19 Response,  Grant Funding

  Meet and Greet with City Departments and Outside Organizations, Strategic Planning Sessions, General Assistance Position, Saco Arts Commission Proposal 

Request for Proposal - Economic Development Market Analysis & Action Plan Matrix, Strategic Planning Sessions, General Assistance Position 

  Public Works Facility at 351 North Street, Sole Source Digital Sky, Strategic Planning Sessions, General Assistance Position

DOL Inquiry of Saco's Senior Tax Write-off Program,  Recording of City Council Meetings, School Board Meetings, Fire Department - Use of Ambulance Fund for Stretchers, North / Garfield Street Intersection,  Strategic Planning Exercise with Council

Compost Drop-Off and Employee Handbook 

11-18-19 Council accomplishments

11-12-19 - 60 Bay View Road

10-15-19 - Multi-family Dwelling Units,  Route 1 Corridor Odor Complaints, Chapter 175 - Senior Tax Relief 

- Public Friendly Adopted Budget Book, Streaming Meetings and Council Recap Videos, Police Department Re-Organization, September Joint School Board and City Council Meeting, Maine Clerk of the Year Award

8-26-19 - Administrative Appeal of July 19, 2019 decision of Code Enforcement Officer Regarding 5 Willey Road, Saco, Water Testing for Perfluorinated Alkyl Substances, Communications Department

8-12-19 - Bid solicitations for interior coating to be done at the Millbrook, Goosefare and Bearbrook pump stations, trees on Saco Island East

7-15-19 - Transit Tomorrow Survey, Opportunity to be a Host Family

7-1-19 - Bid announcement for, "Technology Refresh", Additional State Aid, City Hall closed July 4th and 5th, Greek Festival July 19-21

6-10-19 - City Administrator's Reflections Over the Last Four Years

5-6-19 - FY20 Budget Items - When are the majority of Fire Department calls coming in? Has the FD explored alternative staffing methods?  Why is the City of Saco anticipating a 2.5% municipal revenue share from the state and not the 5% as originally established by law.  What is the assumed increase for homestead exemption?  How much has the budget grown in relationship to wages over the course of the last three and three quarter years? Is the .1% increase for the Administration Department? How has staffing in the he Administration Department changed since 2015? Sebago Speaks event, Letter to Senior Employees, LD1254 - An Act to Authorize a Local Option Sales Tax on Meals and Lodging and Provide Funding to Treat Opioid Use Disorder, Zoning Ordinance Revision Steering Committee

- Explanation of the budget voting process, flow chart for motions on May 13, 2019
04-22-19 - FY20 Budget Items - On the RAD Calculator, for the Administration position, where is the dollar value for the total? Is it from reserves or local funds? Are all union contract expenses covered in the base budget?  Could we save money by switching to other types of retirement accounts? How much has the budget grown in relationship to wages over the course of the last three and three quarter years?  IS there a City policy on use of bond funds? Earth Day, LD 1390 - An act to fund Saco area traffic improvements, Zoning Ordinance Revision Committee, 

- FY20 Items - What's an Enterprise Fund? What's the useful life of RAD 32 - Garage Fabrication Equipment? Recycling Inspections, Public Works Crew Cab Replacements, Dog Park Expansion for Small Dogs, Truck Wash Background and Status, Traffic Light at Flag Pond Road through a BPI (Business Partnership Initiative)

- Municipal Revenue Sharing, Local Option Sales Tax, Employment Agreement, Wayne Hanson Retirement, Mary's Walk, Saco Main Street's Cabin Fevah Relievah March 30th

02-04-19 - Requests for Proposals - Ocean Park Storm Drain Infrastructure Improvement Project and Route 1 Sewer Extension, Tax Bills, Paychex Conversion, W-2's, Foreclosures, Community Rating System, Recycling Educational Mailer, Personnel Committee, Zoning Survey, Camp Ellis ACOE Jetty - February 5th Public Meeting, Zoning Charette - February 7th

 - Snow Pile Removal on Main Street, Zoning Survey, Camp Ellis Jetty, Interim City Planner

 - Zoning Survey, Website, Security Improvements, Department Video Series, Pedestrian Bridge RFP,

and Saco River Dredging

12-17-18  - Public Works Facility, Status of Union Negotiations, City Hall Closures, City Administrator Vacation

12-10-18 - FEMA Assistance, Status of Union Negotiations, Saco River Dredging, Council Invitation to the City Employee Holiday Brunch, City Hall Closures

12-3-18 - Requests for Proposals, Main Street Pedestrian Bridge, City Hall Parking Lot, Main Ave in Camp Ellis, Union Negotiations, President George W.H. Bush

10-15-18 - Pumpkin Harvest Festival, Blasting on Lombard Lane, Charter Communication Update

10-01-18 - Request for Proposals Policy, Zoning Ordinance Revision RFP, Marketing and Communications - Website Redesign, Charter Amendment Videos, Public Works - 9/27 Route 112/Exit 36 Public Meeting, Facilities - City Hall Renovations, Staffing Shifts, City Hall Parking Lot, Information Technology - Auditorium Audio

 - Hannaford Charge For Bags, Personnel Committee, Route 112/Exit 36 Public Meeting, City Hall Closed for one hour on September 27th, Update on Hoarding, Submission/Posting of Council Packets

03-19-18 - MDOT Traffic Study, Fire Department Study, Tree Cutting Ordinance, Blasting Ordinance, Plastic Bag Ordinance, Unit 91, Saco Island East, DPW Relocation Status, Approved Bond Projects, Database of CZA, and TIF/DDD Reportable Items For Compliance, Update on Proposed DDD From State, Calendar of Council meeting and key vote dates for work/vacation planning purposes, Annex Remodeling Plans, EDC Projects Successsion  Plans, ED & Planning Director's Candidate Search, P&R 1st 30 day report, Ad Hoc Group Timeline, next meeting, Committee Appointment Current and Future Vacancy List, City and Department Summary Budget Reports Monthly/YTD, Grant Application summary of wins, losses, and progress, Monthly Dept. Executive Summaries, Final Marketing Plan Executive Summary, Impact Fee Report requested by the last Council

08-03-17 - Taxes Committed, A Proposal to the Army Corps, Finance Director Search, Great turnout at the Pedestrian Safety Forum, CDBG Workforce Development Program, Update to the Flood Insurance Rate Map, River cleanup prior to Saco River Dredging, NNEPRA Board Meeting held in Saco

Previous updates can be found in the Administration Document Center by clicking this link.