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Tax exemption information and forms

Tax Exemptions:

There are several programs designed to provide tax relief to residents.  Please click on a link below to find out more information on an exemption and to print an application.

Homestead Exemption allowed by the State of Maine:
The law states if you meet certain requirements, your assessed value will be reduced (presently by $20,000). The tax rate set annually will determine the amount of tax dollars you will save..

The requirements are as follows:
  1. The dwelling must be your primary residence and your name must be on the deed.
  2. You must have owned the dwelling for a year prior to April 1st of this coming tax year
You may not meet the qualifications for this coming tax year; however you should complete the form and return it to our office. We will keep it on file, when you become eligible we will apply the exemption. Once you have received the Homestead Exemption you DO NOT need to reapply for that property.

Other Exemptions:
A Veteran Exemption is also available, in order to qualify you must have attained the age of 62 for this coming tax year and provide us with your DD214 (discharge papers). A veteran's widow may also qualify for an exemption, same requirements apply. A legally blind person may also qualify for an exemption. A letter from your physician is required. Once you have received these exemptions, you DO NOT need to reapply.

You may also be eligible for property tax exemptions under Tree Growth, Farmland, and Open Space programs. You may download the appropriate forms below. In order to receive the exemptions listed above you must re-apply.

Please note that the exemptions you may have received in another community will not be automatically forwarded to us.

You may download the appropriate forms below. These forms should be submitted to the Saco Tax Assessor: