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Application For Certificate Of Appropriateness

Download a PDF version of the application form

Fillable form 


1. The Applicant's Name


Interest in the subject property

2. The Owner's Name and Address, (if different from the applicant's)

Email Address

Owner's Signature

c) The address and the tax map and lot number

d) The present use and zoning classification of the subject property.

e) A brief description of the new construction, reconstruction, alteration, maintenance, demolition or removal requiring the issuance of the Certificate of Appropriateness.

f) A scale drawing or drawings of the exterior architectural features indicating the design, texture, and location of any proposed alteration, reconstruction, maintenance or new construction for which the Certificate is being applied. As used herein, drawings shall mean plans or exterior elevations drawn to scale, with sufficient detail to show as far as they relate exterior appearances, the architectural design of the building(s), including materials and textures including samples of exterior materials. Drawings shall be clear, complete and specific.

g) Photographs of the building involved and of adjacent buildings.

h) A site plan indicating improvements affecting appearance such as walls, walks, terraces, planting, accessory buildings, signs, lights and other elements.

Note: There is no fee required for this application


Bob Hamblen
City Planner
300 Main Street
Saco, Maine 04072