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Economic Development Commission

Economic Development Commission is created by the City Code - The Commission consists of seven (7) voting members who shall be appointed by the Mayor, with Council confirmation, for terms of 5 years. One Councilor serves as a liaison. Primarily, the Commission may: negotiate to purchase, enter into options to purchase and purchase lands lying within the City for current and prospective industrial uses, negotiate and enter into lease and rental transactions of industrial sites and improvements owned by the City; review site plans and building designs and make recommendations to the Planning Board.

The Board meets during the day at City Hall on an 'as needed' basis.


Bette Brunswick, Chairwoman 
Mike Eon
Andrew Goldberg
Andrea Morsehead
Robert Quentin
Jay St. John
Denise Clavette, Planning & Development Director 
Emily Cole-Prescott, City Staff
William Doyle - City Council Liaison
Jim Labelle - Bidd. & Saco Chamber of Commerce - Non-Voting Stakeholder
William Armitage II - Southern Maine Finance Authority (SMFA) - Non-Voting Stakeholder
Robert Biggs - Saco Main Street - Non-Voting Stakeholder