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Absentee ballots will be available for the November 2, 2021 State Referendum & Municipal General and Referendum Elections around the 1st week of October.

The last day to request or vote an in-person absentee ballot is Thursday, October 28, 2021.

Telephone Request

Office Walk-in Requests
No more than 1 person is allowed in the Clerk's Office at a time, unless you are related.  

  • in person
  • by immediate family member/domestic partner
  • by 3rd person -  A 3rd person is a aunt, uncle, friend or caregiver etc.  (Voter designates a 3rd person to deliver a ballot to them through a completed application.  The ballot is given to the 3rd person to deliver to the voter.  Ballot must be witnessed by a notary or 2 other individuals and noted on the ballot envelope.  If the voter is assisted in marking the ballot the aide must sign as aide on the ballot envelope and 1 other witness must verify and sign off.  The voter may return the ballot in person, but witness requirements still apply if a 3rd person handles the ballot going out or being returned.)  Note:  A 3rd person may have up to 5 absentee ballots for a municipality at one time.
Mail In Requests
  • Download an absentee ballot application and mail it in.  
Once you receive your ballot, you can return it using the election drop box (please note: the drop box will not be set up outside City Hall until ballots are ready to be issued). Alternatively, you can mail the ballot.

Saco is providing a new accessible electronic absentee ballot option through IVS, LLC  for voters with print disabilities, which includes vision impairment or blindness, physical dexterity limitations, learning disabilities or cognitive impairment.  

This new service was implemented last year for the Nov. 2020 General Election, by the Maine Secretary of State's Office.   The state has contracted with IVS, LLC  to allow towns/cities to provide this service for municipal elections that do not coincide with state elections.

This allows voters with print disabilities the ability to obtain, mark and return an absentee ballot privately and independently without having to visit a voting place or City Hall.  Prior to this service, voters with disabilities only had one absentee option, a mailed paper ballot, which did not afford them the opportunity to vote independently or with privacy.

When the Clerk accepts a request for an accessible absentee ballot through one of the methods allowed by law, the voter's name  will be forwarded to  IVS, LLC.  They will create a ballot login specific to the voter and send the Clerk a user name and password, which will in turn be e-mailed to the voter.  

Once the voter has logged in to the web site, downloaded and marked the ballot, the voter will return it to the Clerk via e-mail.