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Business Registration

The City of Saco has seen significant growth in its population as well as the creation and development of new commercial enterprises. Businesses are created and can fail rapidly. Often they can be difficult to locate in the event of a problem. Agents for service of process may not exist. It is the city's intent to assure that the public knows with whom it is dealing when that business operates within the City of Saco and that each business requiring one has received a license. These proposals are advanced for the protection of the residents' health and welfare and to promote stable, lawful business within the city.

The fee is $20.00 per year.  All registrations expire on December 31st.

The following entities are exempt from the requirements of this chapter:

  • 1) United States government agencies and departments
  • 2) United States Postal Service
  • 3) State of Maine agencies and departments
  • 4) Nonprofit and charitable entities
  • 5) Public schools, school administrative districts, school unions and private schools.
  • 6) Churches located within the city
  • 7) Any entity or individual not otherwise required to file a federal tax return

The following are exempt from the registration fee of this chapter but must still register and show proof of due licensing by the State of Maine.

  • 1) Those individuals or entities who secure licenses pursuant to Title 32 of Maine's Revised Statutes (e.g., doctors, lawyers, accountants, optometrists, etc.)
  • 2) Maine corporations which are registered with the Secretary of State and which have an agent for service of process.

Upon receipt of an application for any license or a renewal of license, the Clerk shall inquire of other city departments, as appropriate, for comments as to whether a license may be granted consistently with the provisions of the laws and ordinances enforced by such departments.

Only upon satisfaction of the Clerk and after review by any appropriate departments, and only upon full compliance with any specific ordinance conditions set forth in the chapter regulating the specified business activity, shall the Clerk issue a license.

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