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Food Establishment Licenses - Victualer

This license is required of any person, business, entity, corporation or association who or which offers to sell, prepare, promote or otherwise provide to the public any food, food stuff, food product or other edible materials in the City of Saco unless exempted.  Both new and renewal applications require State inspections before the approval by the City Clerk.  On renewal applications, taxes need to be current.  

Full-time businesses, seasonal businesses, as well as short-term or one-time vendors must all secure victualer's licenses. The duration of operation is irrelevant to the obligation to secure a license.

Exemptions:  Any public or private school; any booster group raising funds for school activities or sports programs; any nonprofit organization selling food or drink to raise funds for charitable causes, educational activities or public agency programs; or any food sold only through vending machines shall be exempt from the provisions of this chapter.

Violations:   Undertaking the sale, promotion or providing of materials described above without a license is a violation of this chapter punishable by a fine of $100 for each and every day such violation occurs. The City will treat each day as a separate violation, if additional and/or subsequent violations occur.

Fees:  The following fees apply:
     $15.00     One Day - Serving Food Only
    $70.00     Serving Food Only
   $100.00    Serving Food, Beer and Wine
   $135.00    Serving Food, Beer, Wine and Alcoholic Beverages