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Schedule of Fees

Below is a schedule of common fees associated with this office. A complete list of fees for city services may be downloaded in PDF format by following this link

Many projects are subject to various impact fees. These fees could be substantial and it is recommended that you consult with this office prior to undertaking a project.

Minimum Fee: $45

Additions, alterations to or new construction of one or two family residences, including siding and replacement windows, inground pools
$12 per $1,000 of estimated construction cost.


Sheds (up to 160 square feet), carports, decks, above-ground swimming pools and permit to move a building $45.00

Garages, sheds and accessory buildings over 160 square feet $12 per $1,000 of estimated construction cost.

Additions, alterations to or new construction of business, commercial or industrial buildings including multi-family residences and amusement devices. $12 per $1,000 of estimated construction cost.

Removal or installation of underground fuel tanks of 500 gallons or more.

$75.00 per tank

Sign $45.00 per sign

Demolition $45.00

Reinspection fee 1st: $45.00
2nd: $90.00
3rd and subsequent re-inspection: $200.00

Fine when beginning construction before permit is issued (Based on 12 month permit activity for any individual, contractor or company) 1st offense: Double permit fee
2nd offense: Triple permit fee
3rd and subsequent offenses: $2,500.00

Occupancy permit: Change in use $45.00

Occupancy permit: Used with new construction no charge

Removal of stop-work order $60.00

Zoning information, letter form $60.00

Mobile home park annual fee $5.00 per lot


Per fixture, no maximum  $10 with a $40.00 minimum

Re-inspection fee, including septic system reinspections 15.00


Complete Systems:  

Non-Engineered System $250

Engineered System $200

Separate Laundry System $35

Seasonal Conversion System $50

Variance (Add) $20

Separate Parts:  

Disposal Field (Non-Engineered) $150

Disposal Field (Engineered) $150

Treatment Tank (Non-Engineered) $150

Treatment Tank (Engineered) $80

Variance (State or local for septic systems) $20

Application for Variance to Zoning Board of Appeals 
plus $25 non-refundable fee

Administrative Appeal to Zoning Board of Appeals 
plus $25 non-refundable fee
                                                         Electrical Permit Fees  
 Minimum fee  $50                      
 New construction  
          Residential use (all finished floor space)  $0.07 per sq ft
          Commercial/Industrial use (all finished floor space)  $0.09 per sq ft
          Additions (calculate same as new construction)  
 Low voltage & computer networking  $50
 Boiler-burner $50 first boiler
$7 each add'l
 Pump circuit  $50 first pump
$7 each add'l
 AC / HVAC / Mini Splits  $50 first unit w/head
$7 per add'l head
 Security / Fire  /Controls & Alarms  $50 each
 Pools, Spas, Hot tubs, etc.  $50
 Transformers  $50 each
 Motors / Generators  $50 each
 Signs  $50 each
 Additional Circuits  $50 first circuit
$7 each add'l circuit
 Temporary Service  $50
 Permanent Service Up To 200 amps  $50 *per meter/
CMP customer
Permanent Service Over 200 amps $50 per 200 amps
per meter/CMP cust.
 Carnivals, circus, mass gatherings  $50
 Solar / Wind (excludes service size)  $50 first panel
$7 each add'l panel