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Saco's Economic History

City of Saco

Located at Maine’s south coast gateway, the City of Saco has been praised for retaining its small-city character and high quality of life. Traditionally a mill city, Saco was a leader of textile manufacturing in the industrial age. Thanks to diversification of the City’s economy and the hard work of its citizens, Saco continues to grow. By small entrepreneurs, big corporations, and business owners of all sorts, Saco is widely appreciated for its quality labor force, variety and flexibility of affordable sites for business growth, and a decidedly pro-business attitude.

Saco is conveniently situated along the Atlantic coast with easy access to Interstate 95, and is just a short distance from bigger cities such as Portland, Portsmouth, and Boston. The City has a business-friendly climate that has already attracted a business base of manufacturing, distribution, logistics, natural resource—value added, retail, service enterprises, and entrepreneurs. One of the reasons Saco has been able to attract these businesses is due to the City’s modern infrastructure services, which are needed for companies and entrepreneurs to thrive at the speed of today’s business world.

As part of growing the economy, the City recognizes that existing businesses need to be nurtured and provided with access to all the resources they need to thrive and grow. In the years ahead, Saco will continue to attract new businesses that will create quality employment and career opportunities for the citizens of Saco, as well as diversify and expand the City’s commercial tax base, and complement the community-feel that current Saco residents are so proud to be a part of.