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Economic Development

Economic Development
Denise Clavette 

Department Phone: 207-282-3487

Welcome to Saco, Maine!
A Special Place to Live and Build a Business 

The Economic Development Department (EDD) is responsible for:  business advocacy, business retention, and business attraction for the City of Saco. Our goal is to create an environment that supports a healthy and vibrant economic climate for Saco. We work to maintain and support existing businesses, as well as to attract new businesses to expand and broaden our diverse tax base. The EDD aims to help Saco businesses compete effectively, whether in that be locally, regionally, or globally; while respecting the culture, character, and quality of life that makes Saco one of America’s great small cities.

The Economic Development Department (EDD) is committed to assuring high quality and sustainable development in Saco. The primary focus of the EDD is to develop our commercial and industrial sectors. This will lead to the expansion and diversification of Saco’s tax base and the support of quality employment opportunities for our citizens. 

“Our vision is a high quality of life for Saco citizens. Central to this vision is a sustainable economy that offers an opportunity for everyone to have rewarding employment and for business to prosper, now and in the future. The people of Saco bring this vision into reality by working together and building on our tradition of hard work, dedication and ingenuity.” as stated by the Saco City Council

The EDD holds the following values as the core of our ethical behavior. These values inform our decisions and guide our actions.
  • Fairness: We expect our actions to be fair to all; whether meeting with a new or existing business and without preconceived notions or bias. Everyone will receive our fullest and best efforts.
  • Integrity: People of the EDD will represent the City of Saco appropriately by upholding the highest degree of honor and operating in an honest and forthright manner.
  • Transparency: The EDD seeks to find the balance between a level of transparency that assures stakeholders of the fairness of our actions with the discretion and confidentiality that is expected and required by the businesspeople with whom we interact.
  • Openness: We begin each interaction with an open mind and a clean pad of paper. We recognize that business is not an exact science. At the EDD, we are open to the ideas of others and will work with each business to help it reach its goals. It is our intent to provide businesses and entrepreneurs with the tools and assistance to compete effectively on the global level in the new economy.


Please contact Denise Clavette, Planning and Development Director, to learn more about Tax Increment Financing in the City of Saco.