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Mill Brook Business Park

Mill Brook Business Park 

Saco's Mill Brook Business Park is a 10-lot, 70 acre park with lots ranging from 2 to 8 usable acres. The park is one mile from Interstate 195 and has great access on Route 1. All sites are served by water and sewer.

Lot prices and availability may be obtained by contacting the Planning and Development Department. An overview of Mill Brook Business Park is available on the accompanying flyer

Zoning and Permitting
Sites are zoned I-3 and B-6, which permits a variety of uses. Setbacks in industrial districts are 50 feet front, and 25 feet side and rear. The height limit is 60 feet. Parking requirements for most uses are one space for each employee on the largest shift. A Maine Site Location permit has been approved. An efficient local permitting process quickly handles most projects on many of the lots.

The covenants of the industrial park will maintain the high quality appearance and atmosphere favored by progressive businesses. The covenants seek business, office, research and light industrial users in line with the City’s stated goals of increasing the diversity of good jobs and of increasing the City’s tax base. Other permitted uses can be considered on a case by case basis. Covenants also cover building appearance, starting time, outdoor storage, and other issues.

Highway Access And Transportation
The park is located on US Route 1, adjacent to the Spring Hill Section of the Saco Industrial Park and to the Maine Turnpike (I-95).

Water, Sewers, Treatment, Utilities
Maine Water provides fresh water from an intake in the Saco River above downtown Saco. The sewer treatment plant has been completely modernized in recent years and complies with state and federal regulations. It is operating at 50 percent of its rated capacity of 4.2 million gallons per day. Impact fees and quarterly sewer user fees can be calculated with additional information. All sites are adjacent to electrical and telephone lines.

Pine Tree Zone
The Mill Brook Business Park may soon be the only Portland area business park to offer the benefits of the state’s Pine Tree Zone program. Qualified businesses may benefit from a refund of 80% of new employees income taxes, a 100% corporate income tax refund, and a sales and use exemption on construction material and equipment purchases. Qualified businesses include manufactures, financial services firms, biotechnology, and information technology, as determined eligible by the state.