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Budget Questions & Answers

Budget Questions & Answers

If you have a question about the municipal budget process, please email

Questions will be answered prior to the City Council Meetings. Answers will be posted on this webpage and shared during the Administrative Update portion of the City Council Meetings.

With a proposed increase in valuation and additional local funding for the Schools, shouldn't the School Mill Rate be going down?

Why does the Request Above Directive (RAD) total amount vary on two different pages of the budget book?

What is an Enterprise fund?

What's the useful life of RAD 32 – Garage Fabrication Equipment?

Are the increases in the respective salaries included in the budget lines impacted by the approval of union contracts?

It appears there are some discrepancies in the 2020 Budget in regard to which funds employees are paid out of and how the number per each department is counted. Please view page 126 of the Audit Book versus what is in the Budget book.

Have the original bond purposes for energy projects been completed? If so, should the balance be placed in surplus and fund closed out?

Is the Council aware that with its budget approval, twenty seven positions will have been added under this administration?

Please post a current monthly financial report and the Excel spreadsheet. This allows a citizen to see the various funds spent to date other than what is in the budget book.

Is there a way to move the budget book and make it a stand alone document on the Budget website page?

Have all union contracts been negotiated and implemented?

On the RAD Calculator - where is the dollar value for the total? Is it from Reserves or Local Funds?

Are all union contract expenses covered in the base budget?

Could the City save money by switching to other types of retirement accounts?

How much has the budget grown in relationship to wages over the course of the last three and three quarter years?

Is there a City policy on use of bond funds?

When are the majority of calls coming in? Has the Fire Department explored alternative staffing methods?

Why is the City of Saco anticipating a 2.5% municipal revenue share from the state and not the 5% as originally established by law?

What is the assumed increase for homestead exemption?

Is the 1.1% increase for the Administration Department?

How has staffing in the Administration Department changed since 2015?

Why is the number for contracts on page 50 listed as $8,500 but on page 51 the Zoning Ordinance Revision Codification RAD is only listed as $8,000?

Why wasn't the full value of the Grants & Projects Specialist removed from Administration?