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Budget Questions & Answers

Budget Questions & Answers

If you have a question about the municipal budget process, please email

Questions will be answered prior to the City Council Meetings. Answers will be posted on this webpage and shared during the Administrative Update portion of the City Council Meetings.

What is the audit process for creating and publishing the budget book?

How many enterprise funds does the City Maintain?

Which funds are the Council only required to approve?

Why was the Overlay line item removed from the budget?  It was part of the budget process through and including FY2018.

Why are there sometimes expenses on accounts with no approved FY2021 Council amount? 

Why does the budget book have an “Approved” column for the General Fund but only “Budget” column for the other funds?

Why is the amount expended in the Capital fund higher than the “Adopted” budget column on page 15 of the budget book?

Why do we have an unassigned fund balance of 31%, which is over the maximum of 16.67% in Chapter 15 of the City’s Ordinance?

The line item in the City Clerk’s budget for Department Head wages has gone down.  Why?

When can the public provide input during the budget process?

Why will future solicitor costs be paid out of contingency?

Why is the word “adequate” used regarding accounting data?  Why not “accurate”?

The City Ordinance Chapter 15 requires a minimum reserve or unassigned fund balance of 8.33% and a maximum of 16.67%.  How does the City Administrator know what is available to present to Council in January?

Why are there so many different increases in pay for Non-Union employees?