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Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Materials


Phase 1: MAINTENANCE OF EFFORT Budget Development freebudgettemplate

The City Administrator and Finance Director work with each department to develop departmental budgets that maintain existing efforts. In other words, how much will it cost next year to keep doing what Council approved for the City to do this year? This is called the Maintenance of Effort (MOE) budget.

Based on Council goals, City growth, Citizen requests, or new regulations from the State or Federal Government, departments might need to expand their budget to accommodate service enhancements. Any service enhancements are submitted to the City Administrator for consideration. These are called Service Enhancement Requests (SERs). The City Administrator assesses many different factors
in order to prioritize these requests and to determine which ones will be approved as part of his final budget.  

Phase 3: Budget Presentation 

For information on how to watch Council meetings and directions on how to submit questions and comments, click here.  

On March 22, 2021 Saco’s City Administrator, Finance Director, School Superintendent, and School Finance Director, formally presented their budgets for the new fiscal year:

FY2022 City Administrator's Budget Book 
FY2022 Municipal Budget Presentation 

During April, department heads present their budgets to the City Council. For some departments, it is the only chance all year to update the public on major accomplishments and challenges.

FY2022 Department Budget Presentations: 

The April 5 meeting was postponed due to a wide-spread internet outage. 
The following departments will present their budgets on April 12th: 
Parks and Recreation
Information Technology
City Clerk
Public Works and Capital
Fire Department

April 20th Meeting Presentations: 
BSOOB Transit
Saco Main Street
Human Resources and Fringe Benefits
Water Resource Recovery Department
Planning and Economic Development
Code Enforcement 

Phase 4: Budget Deliberation & Public Participation 

Public COMMENT & Participation
Ready to make your voice heard?  Public comment is allowed at the start of every Council meeting.  A formal public hearing on the entire budget is scheduled for May 3rd.  Plan to watch! If you have a question about the budget process or a department presentation, please email We will post the questions and answers on the Q&A page

Phase 5: Budget Approval 

On May 3, 2021, the City Council will hold a workshop for the municipal budget. 
On May 102021, the City Council will vote to formally approve the new fiscal year budget. The final approval includes approval of the School Budget, Capital Program, and Departmental Budgets.

FY22 Approved Budget Book
FY2022 Approved Budget
FY2022 Mil Rate Calculator