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E-Z Pay Your Property Taxes

Tired of the burden of two tax payments each year?  
Try our EZ Pay program.

What is the EZ Pay program?  It is an eight month payment plan for your property taxes.

What makes you eligible for EZ pay?  You must have your prior year taxes paid in full, and must not have a mortgage escrow account. 

The first thing you need to do is fill out a form and make a $10.00 payment for each property you wish to have on the EZ Pay program.  The form and payment must be received at Saco City Hall by July 1st.  After the tax bills are created, you will receive a packet with special coupons noting the amount you will have to pay for an 8 month period. YOU MUST MAIL YOUR COUPON WITH YOUR PAYMENT!!!  Your tax bill will be divided into 8 equal payments, each due on the 15th of the month starting in September through April.  You will not be charge interest if you are enrolled in this program.  The only rule is that the payments must be received prior to the 15th of each month, or you will not be eligible to remain in the program.

You were part of the EZ Pay program last year what do you do?  You will automatically get a form for this year’s taxes to fill out and return.

Completed form is due by July 1st.

For any Questions feel free to call 282-1032