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Camp Ellis Fire Station bell returns home

bellThe long saga of the Camp Ellis Fire Station bell was resolved recently with the unveiling of its new enclosure outside the Camp Ellis Fire Station.

The bell is believed to have begun its duty aboard the dummy locomotive that traveled the oceanfront between Camp Ellis and Old Orchard Beach. At some point, the bell was transferred to a small structure on the Corner of Camp Ellis Avenue and Lower Beach Avenue where the Camp Ellis Fire Station was located.
When the Catholic church was built on the same property, the bell was moved again to the steeple, where some believe it served a dual purpose of fire alarm and calling the congregation to worship.

When the church was sold recently, the bell was transferred to the ownership of the City of Saco, dur to the efforts of the Camp Ellis Volunteer Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary, the Saco Fire Department and Mike Tremblay, Saco Call Fire Captain and Patrol Officer with the Saco Police Department.

The Goodwins Mills Fire Department assisted in the removal through the use of their ladder tower truck.

After much discussion, the group agreed the bell should be housed in an enclosure at the current Camp Ellis Fire Station, on the corner of Ferry and Bayview roads. The funds for the enclosure, which was built by EMT-Intermediate Armand Beaulieu, were raised by the Ladies Auxiliary. F.F. Beaulieu assisted with the foundation for the project and painting was performed by Richard's Garage.