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Saco Resident Thanks Rescue Workers Who Saved His Life

Saco resident Tom Roughan had the opportunity recently to thank the police dispatcher, officers, firefighters and emergency medical technicians who helped to save his life last winter.

As part of National EMS week, Tom and his wife Joyce visited the Central Fire Station on May 20 to express their thanks for a "second life opportunity." There they personally greeted those who took part in the rescue and presented rescue workers with a large thank-you card.

Earlier this year, Tom, who also volunteers for the Saco Fire Department as the civilian newsletter editor, suffered a cardiac arrest in his home. Joyce called 911 and was instructed by the dispatcher to start CPR on him while emergency medical technicians were enroute to their home. EMS Crew D resuscitated Tom and kept him alive on the way to Maine Medical Center where he underwent treatment for 8 weeks.

"I was saved by the superlative teamwork of the 911 police dispatcher who helped my wife initiate CPR, the incredibly professional and experienced EMTs that arrived at my home and jump started my heart again and the outstanding health care professionals at Maine Medical," said Tom, who is continuing to undergo rehabilitation for surgery related to his heart. "It's a miracle that I survived and would not have without the outstanding efforts of our City's first responders."