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Internship Opportunities

An internship is an educational work experience that allows students to put into practice what they have learned in the classroom. Interns work on temporary job assignments to gain on-the-job training and experience while still in school. Many students have interned with the City of Saco working for various departments throughout the city, including: City Administration, Economic Development, Planning, Information Technology, Public Works, Water Resource Recovery, and more. Internships provide an opportunity for students to explore potential careers, obtain academic credit, and develop a professional network of contacts.

For information about some of the projects our interns have been involved with, please click here

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Here are some examples of projects our interns have worked on om the past. 

Annual Report: Two interns produced the City of Saco’s 2017 Annual Report. This project required direct and frequent communication with every department head, extensive research and analysis, and the creation of an entirely new format for the presentation of information. The 2017 Annual Report will serve as a template for future annual reports.

Creation of a Policy Database: This project involved a review of the City Charter and City Code to identify the policies that are incorporated into those two documents. The intent of this project was to lay the foundation for an administrative Policy Manual to be inclusive of all city policies, and to organize them according to the hierarchy of their legislative or administrative reference. This database will provide a central location and uniform formatting of all city policies across departments.

Development of a Policy on Policies: The purpose of this project was to create a process for reviewing and amending existing policies, as well as formulating new ones. The intern laid the groundwork for this policy on policies so the human resources staff could complete and implement the aforementioned document.

Execution of Council Packets: The City of Saco provides summaries and all supporting documents for items that go before the City Council. The interns were tasked with compiling, preparing and distributing Council packets, as well as providing administrative duties for the City Administration Office during the Executive Assistants absence.

Created New Zoning Ordinances and Codes: The Medical Marijuana Caregivers Zoning Ordinance (adopted by the City Council in September 2016) was drafted by an intern, city staff, attorneys, caregivers, and developers who worked together to create the ordinance. Another intern researched and developed the ban on polystyrene foam used for food and beverage packaging (adopted by the City Council in September 2016).

Audited Contract Zones and Variances: Two interns researched and analyzed the use of Contract Zones in Saco. They prepared a report and presented their findings to City staff and the City Council. 

Substance Abuse Prevention Grant Application: One of the interns provided assistance for a successful grant application to the state department of Public Safety for Substance Abuse Prevention.

Age Friendly Saco Initiative: One of the interns worked closely with community volunteers to identify the needs and develop a program for the aging population in Saco. This included a kick-off event which attracted nearly 100 residents of Saco. 

Downtown Business Inventory: Several interns worked together to conduct an inventory of the businesses in the downtown, including vacant business spaces and parking needs.  Using this data a Downtown Business Inventory Map was created.

Map of Recreation ActivitiesThe interns inventoried all of the recreational activities available in the Saco area and compiled these into a comprehensive online map. Trail Map

Comprehensive Plan Review: One of the interns reviewed our 2011 Comprehensive Plan with our Planning Department and helped to identify areas that needed improvement.  This helped launch our current Comprehensive Plan Update Committee. 

Tax Increment Financing: Our interns assisted with the development of a worksheet identifying current TIF usage. 

Brand launch and Instagram: Our interns helped with the launch of a new logo and tagline for the City of Saco. They were instrumental in adding content to our Instagram page. 

Community Outreach: Our interns staffed the city's booth at the Sidewalk Art Festival and National Night Out. Truly becoming part of the community.