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Contact your Councilor

The City of Saco has seven wards with a city council representative elected for each ward. 

New to Saco? Or don't know what ward you live in? No problem! Click here to find your ward!

City Council Contact Information

Please click on the City Councilor's name to send them an email 

Marshall Archer, Councilor Ward 1
Email: Marshall Archer 
Phone: (207) 509-3513 (C) 

Roger Gay, Councilor Ward 2
Email: Roger Gay
 (207) 468-6578 (C)

William Doyle, Councilor Ward 3
Email: William P. Doyle  
 (207)590-8931 (C)         

Lynn H. Copeland, Councilor Ward 4

Email: Lynn Copeland
Phone: (207) 712-6776 (C)

Alan Minthorn, Council Ward 5
Email: Alan R. Minthorn
(207) 590-6521 (C)

Micah Smart, Councilor Ward 6
Email: Micah Smart
 (207) 318-0821 (H)

Nathan Johnston, Councilor Ward 7
Email: Nathan Johnston

Phone: (207) 423-1912 (H)