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Memorial Trees, Benches & Bricks

SPR Memorial trees-benches

Saco Parks and Recreation offers commemorative services to families who have lost a loved one and would like to memorialize them in the City of Saco. 

Memorial Tree GPS Coordinates: The cataloging of Memorial Trees was a project initiated by City of Saco Arborist Corey Tanguay in 2019.  His goal is to identify and map the location for each Memorial Tree planted by the Saco Parks and Recreation Department to provide friends and family with coordinates to visit their designated tree.  This data will be updated as tree locations are identified.
Click here for the Saco Memorial Tree GPS Coordinate database.

Memorial options available are described below and followed by a request form you may submit online.

Memorial Trees:
Memorial trees are available to be planted to celebrate anyone, living or deceased. Trees are placed on areas maintained by the Parks Division of our department, including public land, parks, schools, roadsides or public areas such as the library/museum, so that Saco Parks and Recreation may preserve the rights to maintain the memorial tree throughout its life.  A variety of tree species are available to choose from; SPR reserves the right to make the final tree selection considering factors like the desired location and future maintenance, but will work with the interested parties in the tree selection process.  The starting price for a memorial tree installation is $200.00 and varies based on tree species selected - installation includes, planting, barking, the tree itself, a brass leaf on the memorial plaque at Saco City Hall, and future maintenance of the memorial tree.  Species and prices are listed in the request form below, and may vary based on market value and availability.

Memorial Benches: Saco Parks and Recreation offers two types of memorial benches, one for beach and other locations composed of synthetic wood and one for inland locations composed of cedar and sealed.  Each bench features a bronze plaque recessed into the bench featuring the name of your loved one. Pricing is $950.00 for synthetic wood benches and $850.00 for cedar benches.  Memorial benches are constructed during the winter months by the Parks Division of the Parks and Recreation Department. 

Memorial Bricks: This offering is a relatively new feature for the department.  Memorial bricks may be purchased featuring your loved one’s name on it to be added to municipal facilities in the City of Saco.  Please contact us to discuss options.

Memorial Trees, Benches, and Bricks Request Form
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Type of Memorial Service Requested:
Memorial Tree Species Options
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Memorial Bench Option Requested
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Memorial Brick Requested - $100.00
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All commemorative services will include a certificate of remembrance.  This is a nice keepsake for your home or to present as a token if purchasing the item as a gift.

Please note: the following tree species are unavailable for Memorial Trees:

 Ash trees
 Sycamore Maple
 Siberian Elm
 Norway Maple
 Crimson King Maple
 Russian Olive
 Tree of Heaven