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Urban Tree Management


The Urban Forest Division of Saco Parks and Recreation is tasked with both the administration of contractual tree services and completion of arboricultural maintenance activities by park staff in the care of the community's street trees and urban forest. The Department's duties include hazard tree identification, assessment of the health of the urban forest, and to act as an advisor to the planning department with regards to development review. This Department is tasked by City Code to be responsible for the routine care, planting and emergency storm maintenance of all City trees. All basic tree care, planting and emergency work is covered by in house staffing.
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Tree City USA: The Saco Parks and Recreation Department is pleased to announce that we have been designated a Tree City USA city for the 9th year in a row by the Arbor Day Foundation.  The Tree City USA program has been greening up cities and towns across America since 1976.  It is a nationwide movement that provides the framework necessary for communities to manage and expand their public trees.  Saco joins just a select number of cities and towns in the state of Maine that share this recognition.
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