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Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like to operate a beauty shop/bookkeeping business/massage therapy practice from my home. Do I need a permit?

I received a notice in the mail that property near me is proposed for development. What should I do?

I just bought an older home in the downtown area. I plan to replace the siding and windows within the next couple of years, and may build a deck off the back. Do I need a building permit?

I own a house next to the Saco River and would like to build a garage. I know I need a building permit, but is there any other review required prior to having my contractor get started?

We live in a residential neighborhood. My husband's parents are getting older, and we've talked about them moving in, but both of us would like to maintain some independence, with a separate entrance, kitchen, etc.

Saco is growing so fast. I see new houses being built whenever I drive around town. Can't the City do something about this?

What is Saco's population?

I recently built a new house in a subdivision that is currently under development. Even though I'm paying taxes, the City is not picking up my trash or plowing my street. Why not?