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Application Forms

Application forms

Please see the Planning Board's meeting schedule for the 2020 Meeting Schedule, Submissions and Revisions Deadlines: Planning Board Meeting Schedule

The Department's current fee schedule can be found here.

Multiple reviews: In some cases, a project may require multiple application reviews. If this is the case, the process will be streamlined to review all applications at one time.

Site Plan Review
site plan review application is required for new construction 1,000 square feet or more for commercial, business, multi-family or industrial purposes; for soil disturbance of 10,000 square feet or greater; to convert offices in residential areas; to construct private roads; and for any proposal that requires a Site Location of Development review. For a full list of those projects that require site plan review, please refer to Section 230-1102 of the City's ordinance. In some cases, a project may qualify for a minor site plan review, which follows similar requirements, but can be approved at the Staff level by the Planning & Economic Development Department.

Subdivision Review
subdivision review application is required for proposals that will create a subdivision according to the State Statutes. There are several exceptions to the State Law definition, but in general, a subdivision review is required when three lots or more are proposed. Please refer to the City’s Subdivision Regulations and the State Law for more detail.

Conditional Use Review
conditional use review is required for those items in the ordinance under the zoning districts sections that are listed as conditional uses. The purpose of a conditional use is to control where the uses are located and to limit potential impacts to neighboring properties. Please refer to Section 230-901 of the City’s ordinances for additional detail about conditional use applications. In some cases, a project that requires a conditional use review may qualify for a minor review, which follows similar requirements, but can be approved at the Staff level by the Planning & Economic Development Department. In general, minor reviews are limited to business proposals that require four or fewer parking spaces.

Shoreland Zoning Review
Projects that require shoreland zoning review from the Board are directed through the site plan review process.

Site Location of Development Review
The Department has been delegated review authority for stormwater, subdivision and some site plan review. Upon receipt of an application that requires a Site Location of Development review, the Department notifies the DEP. The Department will also send a copy of the approval to the DEP. 

Natural Resources Protection Act (NRPA) Review
Projects that propose disturbance to protected natural resources as defined by State Statute require NRPA review and approval. NRPA has several permitting options that depend on the nature of the project: Permit by Rule; Tier 1; Tier 2; Tier 3. The Planning &  Economic Development Department does not have delegated review authority with NRPA, and therefore encourages applicants to reach out early to the DEP to determine what permits may be applicable to their projects. 

Conditional Approval & General Requirements After Approval:
Almost every site plan and subdivision approval is conditioned upon a number of items the applicant is required to fulfill before any work can start on site. A pre-con meeting is always required for subdivision and site plan approvals. Additionally, the applicant is required to obtain a permit from the Code Enforcement Department before work begins. 

In order to schedule a pre-con meeting with the City Planner and City Engineer, submit the following items to the Planning & Economic Development Department:

  • Cost Estimate of site work for project (must be approved by the City before pre-con meeting is scheduled)
  • Letter of Credit submitted to the City
  • Inspection Account established with the City
  • NRPA and Army Corps approvals (if applicable) are in place, and copies have been submitted to the City
  • Draft construction schedule sent in advance
  • Contractor’s name and contact information
  • Contractor’s certificate of insurance
  • Copies of the approved site/subdivision plan(s) have been submitted for signature by either the Planning Board or City Planner