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The Planning & Economic Development Department strives for a high quality of life for all Saco residents. Central to this vision is a sustainable economy that offers an opportunity for everyone to have rewarding employment, prosperous businesses, and well-planned spaces. Our Department is responsive to the needs of businesses and entrepreneurs in Saco, as well as those looking to establish, expand, or relocate new businesses here in Saco.  We seek to ensure they have access to the resources and  infrastructure to successfully operate in highly competitive and often global markets. 

Our role is to assist businesses through the development approval process(es) within the City of Saco and coordinate their contact depending upon the size and nature of each opportunity.  This may include input from various departments, boards or commissions, and the City Council as part of the development approval process. We provide the same services at the state and federal level and with our utility partners. Our qualified team looks forward to working with you through the planning and development process.

Doing Business
Learn more about how to start a business in Saco or grow and expand your current business.

View information about upcoming Planning Board meetings or submit a development review application.

Live, Work & Play
Learn more about living, working, and playing here in Saco.

Land Use Maps & Regulations
View maps and land use regulations.

Resources & Incentives
View information about ongoing Planning & Economic Development Department resources and initiatives.

Projects & Plans
View adopted Planning & Economic Development project and reports.

Historic Preservation
View information about upcoming Historic Preservation Commission meetings and learn more about Saco's history.


Due to Covid-19, the Planning & Economic Development Department is available by appointment only. Meetings will be conducted via phone or Zoom.

Phone: 207-282-3487

Planning & Economic Development Director
Denise Clavette 

City Planner
Bob Hamblen

Economic Development Specialist
Jessa Berna

Planning & Economic Development Associate
Isabelle Oechslie