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The prime functions of Planning are to provide timely reviews of development proposals for conformance with the City's regulations, including site plan, conditional use and subdivision review. Planning provide prompt and efficient processing of applications, as well as prompt attention to concerns raised by residents regarding particular developments. At all times, we strive to ensure that the Zoning Ordinances and Subdivision Regulations of the City are administered consistently and fairly. In addition, we work closely with the Planning Board to modify the City's zoning ordinance and subdivision regulations.

The Planning Board meets twice a month, generally on the first and third Tuesday. It is given the responsibility of approving subdivisions, site plans, and conditional uses. Other actions include recommendations to the City Council on contract zoning applications, and zone text and map changes.

Planning Board
Visit the Planning Board's page.

Application Forms
Learn more about submitting an application to the Planning Board.

Planning Projects Under Review
View preliminary plans for projects currently under review.

Neighborhood Meetings
Learn more about upcoming neighborhood meetings

Land Use Maps & Regulations
View the City's land use maps and regulations.

Historic Preservation Commission
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Planning & Economic Development Director
Denise Clavette 

City Planner
Emily Cole-Prescott, AICP

Economic Development Specialist
Jessa Berna, AICP

Planning & Economic Development Associate
Isabelle Oechslie