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Resources & Incentives
Our goal is to create an environment that supports a healthy and vibrant economic climate for Saco. We work to maintain and support existing businesses, as well as to attract new businesses to expand and broaden our diverse tax base. The Planning & Economic Development Department aims to help Saco businesses compete effectively, whether in that be locally, regionally, or globally; while respecting the culture, character, and quality of life that makes Saco one of America’s great small cities. We are committed to assuring high quality and sustainable development in Saco. This will lead to the expansion and diversification of Saco’s tax base and the support of quality employment opportunities for our citizens.  See below for resources and incentives for your business:

Tax Increment Financing (TIF)
Learn more about Tax Increment Financing in the City of Saco

Opportunity Zone & Federal Trade Zone
Learn more about Saco's Opportunity Zone and Federal Trade Zone.

Pine Tree Zone
Learn more about Pine Tree Zones.

Additional Resources
View additional business and financial resources.

Downtown Facade Grant
Learn more about the City's Downtown Facade Grant Program.

Covid-19 Business Resources

Saco's Planning & Economic Development Department is committed to helping our businesses during this unprecedented time. View an up-to-date list of resources that may help your business and employees.

Business Loans
The City of Saco has partnered with the Southern Maine Finance Agency to provide loans for Saco businesses.


Planning & Economic Development Director
Denise Clavette 

City Planner
Emily Cole-Prescott, AICP

Economic Development Specialist
Jessa Berna

Planning & Economic Development Associate
Isabelle Oechslie