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Police Administration


Police Chief

The Chief of Police leads the police department and is responsible for its overall operation. He plans and executes the budget; authorizes all policies and procedures; and works closely with other department heads, community leaders, and other agencies to ensure that Saco's citizens receive the best police services possible.

Deputy Police Chief, Operations Bureau, Corey Huntress 
The Deputy Police Chief, Operations Bureau, provides leadership and command for all uniformed patrol services, communications, and specialty services such as the Warrant Service Team, the Harbor Patrol, K-9 Program, etc. He is second-in-command of the police department and serves as Chief in the Chief's absence.

Deputy Police Chief, Support Services, Jack Clements 
The Deputy Police Chief, Support Services, provides leadership and command for all support services and related functions within the police department. The Criminal Investigations Division, School Resource Officers and Records Department fall within Support Services. He is third-in-command of the police department.

Administrative Sergeant, Kenneth Foss 
The Administrative Sergeant provides daily supervision for Records personnel, training and facilities. He is also responsible for the procurement of equipment and uniforms for the department.

Court OfficerTammy-Jo  Girard
The Court Officer is the liaison between the police department and the judicial system. She is responsible for all arrest reports, traffic citations and provides statistical data and reports as needed. She serves as an in-house victim advocate with a focus on working with victims of domestic violence and represents the department on the York county domestic violence task forces including the York County High Risk Response Team which serves domestic violence victims who are most at risk. 

Administrative Secretary, Lori Angis
The Administrative Secretary works with the Chief and Deputy Police Chiefs in administrative functions. She also processes all billing and payroll requirements, and assists records personnel as necessary.