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Block Party Application

Block Party Permit Process and Application 

  • Persons requesting to hold a block party in the City of Saco shall complete a "BLOCK PARTY PERMIT", pay a $25.00 fee, and submit the application to the Traffic Safety Officer at least 14 days prior to the party.
  • The BLOCK PARTY PERMIT shall include a detailed sketch of the neighborhood showing the location of the barricades and other traffic control measures envisioned for the party. The barricades must be of a temporary nature and easily removable in an emergency. Provisions must be made for access for emergency vehicles. Residents who wish to enter and leave will be allowed to safely do so.
  • Block parties may not involve the closing of a major street/primary way.
  • All block parties must cease before dark.
  • Any debris or litter must be cleaned by the permit holder immediately following the event.
  • Music may be allowed but it must be maintained at a reasonable volume so as not to disturb nearby neighbors. Any complaints regarding noise of any type that is substantiated by the Police Department may cause this permit to be terminated without notice.
  • No consumption of liquor or alcoholic beverages in or on public areas will be permitted.
  • The Traffic Safety Officer will review the permit application and forward the permit to the Police Chief, Fire Chief and Public Works Director for comment and review. Upon a favorable review by all three, the Traffic Safety Officer may issue the permit.