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Challenge Coin: Recognizing Good Samaritans

The City of Saco Police Department has begun a program to recognize Good Samaritans among the city's residents. When a member of the police force witnesses a resident helping another, he or she can present the resident with a "challenge coin," a coin featuring the police department's badge on one side and the law enforcement oath on the other.

"This is a way to recognize the good deeds that citizens do for each other that go above and beyond the normal courtesies that society expects," said former Police Chief Bradley Paul.

Below are the stories of Challenge Coin recipients:

Investing a plea for assistance leads to lifesaving call
Upon hearing a cry for help, Saco resident Michelle Charleson alerts police and thwarts a drowning.

Good Description Results in Burglary Arrest

Concerned Citizen Reports Animal Abuse

Hit and Run Nets Summons for Fleeing Operator

Car Burglar Apprehended by Citizen

Animal Cruelty Case Successfully Prosecuted

Dog rescued at Funtown, USA

Man Pulled From River

Man helps other diner at restaurant

12-year-old stays calm during possible break-in

Passersby assist accident victims, times 3!

Quick thinking averts tragedy

Passerby Benefits Fellow Citizen
This citizen helped save the cost of a wrecker with a jack, a plan and the will to help.

This ATM Was a Little Too Automated!

No Horsing Around

Lucky Owner Gets Wallet Returned

Quick-thinking accident witness

Accident assistance

Neighbors helping neighbors

Carrie Lamothe

John Burke

Tanya Garza

Assisting in capture of a bank robber

Looking out for others

Calm actions under pressure

Springtime danger on the ice

Keeping an eye out for his neighbor

Help during a hard winter