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Community Policing

Community Policing 

National night out 

NNO 2019

Citizen academy 

"Same Cop - Same Beat"

Our community is tightly integrated and a complaint received is always a community issue. The Saco Police Department is an extension of the community and it is imperative that we work in partnership with our citizens, if we are to be successful in living up to our mission statement "to provide a safer, healthier, and more peaceful environment." By establishing a "Same Cop-Same Beat" system, we accomplish a team-policing concept to better organize and maximize our effectiveness, and to deliver a more consistent and personalized service to promote citizen participation. 

Each zone has eight officers assigned to it (two supervisors and two officers from each shift). Since officers work the same zone they become more familiar with residents and the problems or concerns that are particular to the zone. They are also given the freedom to initiate or assist citizens with "Crime Watch", community meetings, bike rodeos, business meetings, etc. Below are the zones with the assigned officers. To contact an officer by email just click on their name.

TEAM LEADERS Sgt. Bruce Cote  Sgt. Scott Sicard Sgt. Scott Ouellette
  Cpl. Theodore Gagnon Cpl. Sam Bennett Cpl. Monica Fahy 
1st Shift Steven Garrison Kevin Gray Daniel Beaulieu
   Ryan Ambrozy Megan Tibbetts  
2nd Shift  Chantel Allen
Dan Aguilera Kyle Brake
   Paul Gauvin   Morgan Royle  Joel Gott
3rd Shift Ryan Lathrop  Rodney Rossignol John Cunniff
  Kyle Gregory  Olivia Wentworth   Jonathan Sanderson
  Andrew Ward    

Community Policing Beat Boundaries 

North Side: Everything north of North Street and Buxton Road to the Louden Road. Then, north and south of the Buxton Road to the Buxton line. From the corner of North & Elm Streets northbound, everything west of Main Street to the corner of the Ocean Park Rd. From that point on to the Scarborough line, everything on both sides of Rte. 1.

West Side: All of Factory Island, and everything west of Main Street to the corner of Beach & Main Streets. Everything south of North Street and Buxton Road to the corner of and including the Louden Road. 

East Side: Everything east of Main St. from the RR tracks to the Ocean Park Rd., including the Ocean Park Rd.