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Public Safety Communications

Public Safety Communications

The Saco Public Safety Communications Center handles over 30,000 calls for service every year. E-9-1-1 calls are transferred to Saco from a nearby Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), and public safety services are then dispatched as needed to the scene of the emergency. This center also handles numerous seven-digit lines covering the City's Police, Fire, and Rescue departments.

Dispatch flyerOur Communications Center was established in 1999 when the separate Police and Fire Department Dispatchers merged into the communications center at the Saco Police Department. We currently have 10 dispatchers on staff. Nine work a four-on two-off schedule and one dispatcher works a five-day week as computer data entry for the Police Department while filling in at communications to cover vacancies.

The City of Saco encompasses an area of 38.5 square miles and has a population of about 18,250 people.

ABOUT 9-1-1
With enhanced 9-1-1 our dispatchers know immediately from where the call is being made and by which telephone number, and also the person(s) or business listed to the number. This information is provided by the telephone company, so make sure that your name and address are correct on your phone bill.

9-1-1 calls should only be made when there is an emergency that has just occurred, is in progress, or for an incident that requires the immediate response of police, fire, or rescue to your location. More information about the statewide 911 system can be found at the State of Maine Emergency Communications  Bureau.

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