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Jump Start Youth Program

Saco Jump Start

A Mentoring and Decision Skills Building Program for Youth

Jump Start was founded by Lt. Douglas Sharlow of Kennebunk PD and Lt. Gary Ronan of Kennebunk Public Safety in 1993 as a program that encourages students, parents, schools, business organizations, faith communities and law enforcement to work together to find common ground, mutual respect, and accountability while striving to build a framework for positive change for our youth and communities. 

Jump Start is an 8-week mentoring program for first time, non-violent, juvenile offenders and at-risk youth.  The class curriculum helps students to get to know themselves while setting goals, learning decision making skills as well as taking responsibility for and accepting consequences for their actions.  Students will work with their mentor to develop a decision-making skills presentation and then share with their classmates what they learned thru the course. 

For more information on Jump Start, contact officer Amanda Condon or Matt Roberts

Download the Jump Start brochure here