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Parking Enforcement

Parking Enforcement
C. Beaulieu, Parking Control Officer

Click here to purchase a beach parking pass for Bayview Beach and Camp Ellis. NOTE: Parking permits are non-refundable.

Pay A Parking Ticket
Pay your parking ticket online. To use the online portal, please enter your ticket or license number. 

Capture of Parking Ticket Portal

Parking tickets may also be paid in person at City Hall or mailed to City Hall at 300 Main St., Saco, 04072. Please do not send cash. Make checks payable to "City of Saco."

Parking Ticket Appeal Process
To appeal a parking ticket that was issued in error, please contact the officer who issued the ticket. If it remains unresolved, the parking ticket may be contested by completing  a “Parking Ticket Appeal Form”. A copy of the form is available at the Saco Police Department, 20 Storer Street, Saco, Maine.

All persons receiving a citation have a right to appeal within  five days of receiving the ticket. To file an appeal, complete the form. The administrative review involves no court appearance. The appeal will be reviewed within five days by either the Chief or Deputy Chief of the Police Department. If the administrative review is denied, you are obligated to pay the fee noted on the ticket within five days of notice of denial.

Parking Ticket Appeal

Parking Control Officer Duties: 
The Parking Control Officer is responsible for the enforcement of the City’s parking ordinances and regulations as enacted by the City of Saco, City Council, and codified in the Municipal Code of Ordinances, or related statues that govern enforcement of parking regulations and restrictions.

Responsibilities include enforcement of parking rules, regulations as regulated by the posting of appropriate signage, painted curbs, fire hydrants, or other similar parking control devices, or other violations of the City of Saco parking ordinances, or State of Maine law as it relates to the enforcement of on street and off-street Disability Parking areas.