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Patrol Division

The patrol division is the foundation of the Saco Police Department. Nearly all citizen contact with the Police Department starts with and often times is exclusively with the Patrol Division. The patrol officer is the first officer to respond to calls for assistance and is the officer who is visible in the community to render aid and help to make the community safer.

Patrol Office Recruiting Social Media - CopyPatrol Officers take initial complaints, conduct investigations as necessary, and develop a resolution which may include court action. The initial officer may enlist the help of other officers, detectives or officers from other agencies. If the investigation is linked to numerous other investigations involving several officers, or is an investigation requiring specialized training the Criminal Investigations Division becomes the primary investigator.

Patrol Officers are also responsible for the safe flow of traffic through the city. They investigate accidents, enforce traffic laws, and direct traffic at accident scenes and special functions. Frequently the only contact one has with a Patrol Officer is the result of some type of traffic related incident.