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School Resource Officer

School Resource Officers - connected to our community's youth

The School Resource Officer (SRO) program serves as both a law enforcement function as well as a staff function in the Saco school system. There is presently one Saco Police Officer assigned to Thornton Academy on a full time basis since 1996 and another officer assigned full time for grades K-8.

The SRO for Thornton Academy is Officer Royle and the SRO for grades K-8 is Officer Condon. 

The SRO serves as the liaison between the Police Department and School Department providing law enforcement services as well as ensuring a safe school atmosphere by assisting in the administration of school rules and policies. The SRO is also a member of the Crisis Response Team and is available to any school emergency that may effect students, faculty or staff members.

There are many advantages to the SRO program with the greatest being immediate availability of the officer and familiarity of the officer in and to all members of the school community.